Jennifer Kesse
  • April 17, 2023 6:50 pm
  • 32801 Orlando , Florida United States

January 24 marks 17 years since Jennifer Kesse disappeared in 2006 in a kidnapping case in Orlando . We love you and will never give up on you Jennifer. We miss you so much every day and we are sad . Now, 17 years later, I can honestly say that time does not heal wounds. After 17 years of fighting to find you, you still elude us. We hope to find you in our lives. Years later, we won’t rest until we bring her home. Unconditional love is eternal and unconditional. come home soon
At this point, after many attempts to get the authorities to do whatever it takes to find Jennifer or not, we believe that after 17 years we have filed her case with the authorities who want, can and still want Jennifer . Outside the Orlando Police Department.

This is a golden opportunity for Jennifer to be found after 17 years. It takes time, talent, money and luck, but new efforts are welcome. The efforts our researchers have made to get to this point are incredible. Navigating your business needs requires experienced professionals, so we are humbled by their continued work and dedication to finding Jennifer. Our team and state law enforcement are creating exactly the opportunity we asked for, and we thank everyone involved.

Thank you to the public for not giving up on Jennifer and we are humbled by your continued support. It’s the same after 17 years. Tell me what you know! Everyone knows how to contact us. You’ve been doing it for 17 years.
Wherever she is, may the world shine a light on Jennifer and her crimes touch the hearts of those who know enough to tell the truth.

contact family members in case of any useful information


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