Abuse can take so many forms and can go as far as causing harm physically or mentally in our context it takes a different dimension ..abuse in the context of our website is explained below

What do we consider abuse?

The world has become a small village with the rapid advancement of technology and means of communication has equally facilitated the way information is passed across or misinformation..we, therefore, have our contribution to make the internet a better place by making sure any abuse or misinformation is taken down from our website and web servers as soon as reported or detected…

Your ad will be considered abuse if you post ads and don’t update them for example Mr Peter got missing on Tuesday and you posted on Tuesday and he was found on Friday and you failed to update the post to Mr Peter being found is considered an abuse as you haven’t followed our standard other examples include posting threats, hate speech, graphic violence and equal using our website to impersonate or bully users is considered an abuse

How to react when you notice an abuse.

In case you come across any information on our website that falls under this can contact the ad auto directly and inform them to update the information as soon as possible or contact the administration through the email or you can equally use the contact form on the website and we respond to your mail in 24hrs and either update are done or the post or ad is taken down…

participating in reporting spotted abuse makes the internet and our website a better place to be.

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