David Williams
David Williams
David Williams
David Williams
  • April 17, 2023 7:24 pm
  • Newark , New Jersey United States

David Williams in the first photo was 12 years old when he disappeared on April 7, 1975, along with 17-year-old Stephen Anderson from New Lisbon Public School (now New Lisbon Developmental Center) in Newark, New Jersey, lastly seen around 4:15 am.

You go from the prom to the dorm. Two children were playing ball with a stick.

The school is located on Rt 72 and sits on 1,896 acres. David is 5’0 and 113 pounds with dark hair and brown eyes. and he suffered from epilepsy,

he wears a helmet to protect his head. He needed daily medication for this and without it, he could have Grand Mal attacks. he was wearing blue pants and a blue jacket. Stephen was 5’8 and 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. The front teeth are broken.

He struggled with verbal communication was developmentally disabled and was developmentally disabled. He was wearing blue pants and a blue hoodie. He is #MP3123 and Steven #MP3117 by NaMus.
In 2017,  the area was well-searched and there were never any announcements as to if anything was discovered


call the New Jersey FBI office: 609-677-6400.

Source: Local News Later

Contact Us: info@misingfamilymembers.org

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