Brandon Augustine / Mildred Chestnut
  • April 6, 2023 9:02 pm
  • Charlotte, NC, USA

Call 911 immediately if you see  Brandon Augustine or his fiancée Mildred Chestnut. There is a national missing persons report in effect, and police can provide assistance no matter where you are calling from. If you see them, kindly call. The household is in shambles. They have to return home. Avery, their child, is in the good hands of relatives. Going this long without hearing from them is VERY unusual. They still have everything at home!

Additional information

They were last seen in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 18, 2023
Vehicle: 2008 Gray Volvo S80 with NJ tags; scratch on right rear bumper.
the last phone call was made On March 18 at 3 p.m.,.
Soon after, both phones immediately began to go to voicemail. No social media sites have been examined. Nothing. No email. We have explored every option.
Even though they reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, they have a sizable NC and NJ social network. They had the flu and were discharged from the hospital, but that was on Saturday, and as of today, it is Tuesday, they have not been in touch with any family or friends. They never would have abandoned their child for so long. If you’ve heard anything from them, please let me know. Family is sick with worry, they need to come home.

Family Contact information

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