Brian Andrew Depriest
  • March 22, 2023 3:23 pm
  • Oak Grove, MO, USA

Brian Andrew Depriest Jr., one of my nephews. also goes by the name Drew Has Been Missing. because May 9. Mo. He was reported missing by Highway Patrol on May 12 to The Missing Person Website. There isn’t a picture of him at the moment on their website. Nevertheless, I’m working on it. He was last seen leaving his mother’s home in Oak Grove, Missouri, to meet the people below. in the Holden-Kingsville region. He was supposed to date the woman down below. Together, they have a young child, dot. But she was also dating the Warren guy at the same time. We want him to rest in peace and to find out who is responsible for his disappearance, so if you have any information, please get in touch with the Missouri Highway Patrol. Oak Grove, Missouri Pd. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department is another option. or please feel free to PM me at dot. I’ll make sure to forward the information to the relevant authorities.

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